Trumpet museum and lapidarium


Few years ago, Community of town Guča, decided to found Museum dedicated to the most famous trumpet festival in the World. The building of Museum is situated in the center of Guča, opposite Monument of trumpet player.

This Museum was opened few years ago, in the old building, where was the first elementary school in Guča.

Large number of showpieces and photographies reflect events in Dragačevo from the 60s, when was the commencement of this tempting manifestation. Thereafter, particular clarion from Guča was spreading worldwide. There are many artwork by artists and amateurs.


In the center of borough, next to elementary school „Milenko Šušić“, is located Museum. This exhibition is located in the garden of school. Showpieces belong to sculptors from whole Dragačevo.

One part of the parch is dedicated to Lapidarium, uncommon type of settings. There are collected so-called „Monuments beside the road“. They are tipical for this region. Some of them originate from the 18th century. Monuments were made by gravelly stone, unearthed in mines of Dragačevo.

Sculptors carved stones with descriptions of life and caracteristics of decedent. In this way they saved from oblivion many information and facts from tradition of Guča and Dragačevo. These stones have priceless importance for locals and their future generations.

„Monuments beside the road“ (Krajputaši) are named after place where they are found. Villagers placed them next to the main road, to announce the death of someone who was important and renowned in their borough. That was how strangers and guests were informed about those locals. Also, it was metter of prestige. Some of them were dedicated to trumpet players.

Most of the these monuments were collected in one place – Lapidarium. In this place they are guarded and available to visitors. Historians and fans of folk art visit this unique Museum. They make photos, crib inscription and search for some historical facts. Some guests come there to find their ancestors.

Close to Lapidarium is located old cemetery.


In the 1893. villagers from Goračići (village few kilometers away from Guča) were raised rebellion, consequence of the conflict between two political groups, Liberal and Radical parties. Locals were inclined to Radicals, while Liberal party was ruling party. It caused conflict and tragedy of innocent victims. In the 1904. in this village, on the place of the rebellion is built the Museum to remind us of the fight of civil rights.