Program 2019

Traditional opening ceremony at the trumpet monument, in the center. Listen to introductory speech of the festival host and the first official brass band playing on 59th festival.

Welcome press conference by the organizers for media workers, photographs and journalists. There will be announced all festival events, guests and all important things of 59th festival.

On the first floor of the Trumpet museum is reserved for art exhibitions. One of them will be open and presented to the audience.
The second floor is traditionally reserved for permanent exhibition about the trumpet, brass bands and the festival.

Trumpet museum yard will be occupied by the traditional book and tourist market. Local publishers and tourist organizations will present their editions and programs. Good way to buy perfect souvenir and find out more about the festival and Dragačevo region.

First official cultural program will take place at Cultural center stage, in the city center.

Competitive character of the festival starts with ones whose time is coming - the youngest brass bands!

After the young forces, stage will be ruled by the trumpet masters, in revial part of the festival.

The tradition which have been taking place for decades, will not be missed this year in the official program. This alarm, for some visitors means time for wake up and start new festival day, for some ones, time to go to sleep.

Dragačevo olimpic games.
Heritage from different times, when men were knights. When power of spirit and body were appreciated.
Only the best and the strongest applies for this competition. Being the winner means being the best in the fields which male persons make men.

One of the traditional events which popularity does not stop. Well-known Défilé for most visitors is the most beautiful and festive events.Carnival atmosphere, mixture of brass sounds and national costumes colors from all parts of the world gives special charm to the festival.

The first trumpet of previous festival has a privilege to open the main stage program in revial concert, as an introduction for the final competition.

Based on festival rules, a player and a brass band which won in all categories become "Trumpet master". He loses right to compete and leaves the place on the stage for the younger players.But he stays present at all festival event, by playing at revial concerts and being guest at other festival program events. That gives him opportunity to reserve the place within legends in festival hall of fame. One of them is Boban Marković

Freedom in composition selection is chance to show real skill in playing popular and modernly arranged songs.Famous brass band duels are reason why few thousands visitors this night spend in front of them.

Who overslept this alarm previous day, has chance to hear it this morning. Wake up and fully enjoy new festival day!

Colorful and loud festival carnival will fulfill the streets once again. This time will show all pomp under the sunlight from different side.

Today, program starts earlier. To much things to do!
It will be open by traditional dance program.

lets listen to different way of playing trumpet!

The most important part of the festival. The reason why it starts and why it is happening. Strict competition rules and non-commercial arrangements is oriented to real music lovers, musicians and music critic.
PS: The opening ceremony should not be missed!

Sunday is day for rest on the festival. For longer sleep hours, lunch, walking. But after the relaxing day, at the main stage, continues the same rhythm from the last night. The band new winner will have privilege to present himself!

59th festival will be closed by the best. Dejan Lazarevic master of brass instrument will ceremony bring to the end. His melodies will keep ringing in the ears till the rainy autumn days and remind them to book the calendar for the next Guča festival.