Guča city

Dragačevo is the part of the region of western Serbia, surrounded by mountains Golubac (732 meters above sea level), Ovčar (986 m), Jelica (929 m) and Borova strana as a part of the mountain Čemerno (1246 m) and Zapadna Morava river.

Guča City

Dragačevo municipality is geographically the biggest part of Dragačevo region, so that often this name is used for the municipality itself, and the people who live there are called people from Dragačevo.

Dragačevo region occupies 735 km2. It encompasses 49 settlements, distributed into six municipalities (Ivanjica, Arilje, Požega, Čačak, Kraljevo and Dragačevo). Dragačevo municipality with an area of 456 km2, are two small towns – Guča and Lučani and 34 villages.

In the middle of Dragačevo, there is Guča, its capitol. Guča is inseparable part of Dragačevo and Dragačevo is unseparable from Guča.

The city is very small with hardly 2.000 citizens, but considering urban layout of the city and the institutions within it, Guca is real town.

In 1905, Guca became urban place, with wide streets, alley, pedestrian zone and a lot of parks and protected green areas. As Guca is old town, origin public and private houses from 19. and beginning of 20 centuries are preserved.

The golden age of the town was after the Second world war, when local economy and industry was developing rapidly.

When the crises came in Ex Yugoslavia, during ninties, a lot of people lost their jobs and huge number of citizens moved from the city.

Guča City

The town of Guča has gained world fame owing to its Assembly of Trumpet Players, the largest trumpet event on the planet. The love of the people of Dragačevo for music, especially for the trumpet, began in the rule of Knjaz Miloš Obrenović, who ordered formation of the first military brass band in 1831. From then until now the trumpet has reigned here uninterrupted while woodwind instruments, in keeping with the customs, warm the soul of its population.

Guča is near Emir Kusturica home and famous tourist and artist destination – Drvengrad and Sargan Eight, places which you have to see if you come to Guča.

Surrounding and landscapes around Guca are beautiful and interesting for tourists and travelers. There are a lot of things, from urban parts of old Guca town, hills, woods, lakes and big mountains.

Also, Guča is in the base od Ovčar Mountain, which is well known as Serbian Mounth Athos.

If you need to relax, we suggest you visit Wellnes centar in Ovčar Banja.