Dragačevo is renowned as region where the art subsists and expands. Particularly sculpture and applied art has long and preserved tradition.

 One of the most famous artists from tih part of Serbia was Janko Mihailovic Moler, known as creator of icons. He was born in village Negrišori in 1792. His the most important opera is iconostasis in the Church dedicated to „Arhanđel Gavrilo“ (Angel Gabriel), located in the center of Guča.

Especially we need to mention stonecutters, precusrors of the modern statuary. They are distinguished from the others craftmen and they left huge number of handicrafts. The most famous stonecutter was Radovan Čikiriz, which creativity represents unique and precious record of life in Dragačevo in the 19th Century. Epitaphs and artwork on monuments which he made, paint history of the citizens.

In nowadays, creators of rugs, covers, canvas and costumes are the most popular in world of artisan in Dragačevo. There are expressed reviews of folk lives from this region. In the 1974. citizens of Guča established Association of self-tought painters and sculptors. Their purpose was to continue tradition of old crafts, such are painters and makers of iconostasis.

Among sculptors, the most recognized is Bogosav Živković. This maestro decorated whole borough, using his creativity. He and his students made so many monuments and put the in schools, library and other public places.

Members of this association organize many exhibitions and gatherings, and achieve big success with their work.

One group of artists are called „naive“ artists of Dragačevo, who are, after artists from Kovačica, the most recognized in Serbia.